Behind the Scenes at Three Stories Creative

Get the Skinny on the Who, How, and What.

The Director

Julie Nixon is a consultant, writer, photographer, artist, entrepreneur, change agent, and intrepid treasure hunter, but not always in that order. She is also a domestic engineer and married to a talented interface designer named Tyler. They have two little adorable sister pups named Winnifred and Charlie. Her business, Three Stories Creative, is based in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, in the seaside area of Maple Bay in Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island.

Julie has been running her own business for over 15 years, working with a huge variety of companies and individuals on many different projects. Providing the best possible products and solutions to her clients is what she strives for every single day, and her success is why she loves doing this.

How the Name “Three Stories Creative” Came to Be

“Three Stories” came about through a brainstorming session during a rebrand of the company. At the time photography was the cornerstone of the business. Julie’s personal style of photography was like storytelling, and through a process of reduction, the idea came up that a photo tells three main stories.

  1. The story produced by the photographer through composition (what is there, and also *not* there), lighting, creativity, and personal style.
  2. The story of the who or what is in the photograph. If it is a person, they may be aware the photo is being made, and therefore, subconsciously, present themselves in a particular way for that very moment. It may be true or untrue; it doesn’t matter. The subject has their own a story.
  3. The story that is created in the mind of the viewer.

“Three Stories” also worked with Julie’s multi-faceted skill set, of which pivots on communication with an emphasis on writing, photography, design, marketing, and art — all forms of storytelling.

What We Do

Three Stories specializes in helping businesses grow through a variety of creative solutions, products, and services. First we evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we put forward ideas to elevate your brand and marketing, provide solutions to common productivity issues, help build your referral network, and improve your web presence.

Please see the services page for specific information on the work offered by Three Stories Creative.

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