Beach Treasures

  • Skills Needed:
    Imagination, awareness, exploration, photography
  • Client:

One of my favourite relaxing¬†pastimes¬†is searching for “treasure” when I’m at the beach. If you look closely enough, there is treasure to be found in every square foot, from the ordinary to the unusual. Seashells, rocks, sea glass, crab parts, animal bones, natural ephemera, bird feathers, bottle caps, pieces of rusted metal, barnacles, coral, pennies and even marbles. I have an enormous collection of favourite found items.

I had the idea of placing them, and a little bit of Vancouver Island sand, into little glass apothecary jars and old tins and selling them as “gifts from the sea.” But as I placed my treasures in their containers, I felt uncomfortable and sad.

Why such a feeling for such small things of, really, no usefulness or monetary value? Well, to me, they were invaluable and priceless. Each piece represents a special time I spent on the beach–with my husband, our first dog Piper, myself or my friends.

So, the beach treasures shall stay on my bookshelf in acknowledgement of my gratitude of the ocean and all its mysteries, and to those who have shared that with me.

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