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The Goal of Business & Marketing

The fundamental purpose of business is to provide a valuable product or service that meets a need and to do so with a smart, sustainable business model that has room for growth and innovation. The success results in the reward: not just profit, but the increase of well-being for everyone involved.

The goal of business marketing is to generate demand for your products or services. For effective marketing of your brand, you need a variety of elements.

– professional photography

– polished branding

– a kick ass website with great SEO

– clear and concise written communications

– creative ideas for your marketing strategies

– a referral system with tracking

– business efficiency: project and task management, client relationship management, and organization

These are the core elements that will elevate your brand, help you stand out in the crowd, and take your business to the next level.

How We Can Help

Three Stories Creative can help your company in all of these areas.

– We have trained professional photographers at the wave of our hand

– We have an extensive background in branding, logo (re)design, and we know how to build trust with clients and customers

– Our SEO skills are top-notch

– Director Julie Nixon has been writing copy for over 15 years

– Creativity is the core of our business

– We know how to get referrals and keep them coming

– We’re versed in the latest methods of business efficiency, task management and CRMs

The process begins with an evaluation of the business to see where difficulties lie, or just where things could use a boost. We then formulate a plan with a variety of solutions. From there you decide what you want to do and how far you want to go.

If you have a business, project, or idea that needs some creative assistance, we’d love to hear from you.

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